VetroFreddo® is an innovative material composed of glass pigments and resin.
Its major characteristics are its versatility in adapting itself to any form or shape
imaginable. The material’s unique characteristics are expressed through the soul
of its colour, which can be in transparent, semi-transparent or opaque form, due
to the material composition of glass pigments. No limits exist in regards to colour.
Apart from the existing range of colours, any colour from the “RAL” colour scheme
can be chosen. VetroFreddo® is temperature resistant up to approximately 100°C
and can be worked with and carved just as marble or glass. All objects designed
with the material VetroFreddo® can be cleaned with any type of non-granular
soap, using soft sponges or tissues.
In case of superficial damage (scratches), the damaged area should gently be
rubbed with a sheet soaked in olive oil.
In case of deeper scratches or damage, a special replacement glass paper is
available from the manufacturer for every colour and type of object.