Loft accessories



The LOFT collection has been designed to complement with elegance and functionality the bathroom designed by Tonino Lamborghini. Each accessory is made of VetroFreddo®, an innovative material, composed of glass pigments and resins. The high quality LOFT collection is the combination of modernity and functionality. Each accessory can be easily mounted on the wall. All items in VetroFreddo® can be washed with any type of non-granular neutral detergent, using non-abrasive cloth or sponges. In case of superficial scratches, it is possible to restore the product by using a cloth soaked in olive oil or a simple hand cream.

Sizes: Tray: 245x146x70 h mm Caddy: 397x269x22 h mm Dispenser: 72×92,5×164 h mm Bicchiere: 72×92,5×110 h mm Coat Hanger: 50x58x50 h mm Toilet paper holder: 154 mm Towel hanger: 338 mm